Welcome to the TfT Hacker website, your go-to destination for Tools for Thought! As the name suggests, Tools for Thought (TfT) are a unique class of tools, encompassing software and strategies designed to enhance our thinking abilities and creativity. # The [[Canvas Candy]] Vault You can add irresistible sweetness to your Obsidian Canvas drawings with Canvas candy. Canvas Candy includes 40+ decorations to bring additional flair and creativity to your Canvas drawings. One-time purchase for lifetime access to all updates. Get a quick view of what this tool can do with the following short video (50 seconds): ![Canvas Candy Teaser - for Obsidian Canvas - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiYT3uGo-EA) For more information, please check out the product page: [[Canvas Candy]] [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://store.tfthacker.com/checkout/buy/6693d1df-a1a7-4069-a06f-e7dbe2bb75b2) # [[Cornell Notes Learning Vault]] for Obsidian This is a special tool to learn and enable the highly effective and time-tested Cornell Note-taking method in your Obsidian digital notes and note-taking on paper. One system to rule them all! Learn more in this brief video: ![Overview of Cornell Notes Learning Vault](https://youtu.be/ai9P4_E0WLg) Find out more at: [[Cornell Notes Learning Vault]] [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://tft.lemonsqueezy.com/checkout/buy/bb038915-6598-4a7b-af2a-1b902ae014eb) ## Published by TfT Hacker I enjoy writing on technology and other topics from time to time. Please check some of my articles. The following is a list of topics I have covered. - [[Obsidian Articles]] - [[Obsidian Quick Tips Series]] - [[Artificial Intelligence (AI)]] - [[Readwise]] - [[Time Management]] - [[Napkin]] - [[Logseq]] - [[Other Topics]] # Obsidian Plugins by TfT Hacker - [[Introduction to Strange New Worlds|Strange New Worlds]] Revealing the strange new world of connected thoughts in your vault. - [[Introduction to the Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool|Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool a.k.a. BRAT]] is a plugin that makes it easier for you to assist other developers with reviewing and testing their plugins and themes. - [[Introduction to Text Transporter|Text Transporter]] Advanced text management for Obsidian. - [[Introduction to WordNet Dictionary plugin|WordNet Dictionary]] brings to Obsidian a large lexical database of English terms developed by Princeton University. - [[Introduction to Jump to Date|Jump to Date]] Quickly navigate to a Daily Notes Page using a popup calendar from the ribbon or with a form that you type in a natural language date expression. # Communicating with me I enjoy speaking with members of the TfT community as well as helping with the tools and articles I have published. Please feel free to reach out to me (publicly or DM) via one of the following places: * [Medium](https://tfthacker.medium.com) * [Twitter @tfthacker](https://twitter.com/tfthacker) * [Mastodon: @[email protected]](https://pkm.social/@TfTHacker) * BlueSky: @tfthacker.bsky.social * Discord user: TfTHacker