Welcome to the TfT Hacker website, your go-to destination for Tools for Thought! As the name suggests, Tools for Thought (TfT) are a unique class of tools, encompassing software and strategies designed to enhance our thinking abilities. With a background in TfT research, I have had the opportunity to explore a variety of tools and work with numerous companies in this field. These experiences have provided valuable insights into how users think, interact with their tools, and identify areas for improvement. As a researcher, educator, and developer, I revel in working with others - helping them hone their thinking while simultaneously learning from them to sharpen my own cognitive skills. Dive into the world of TfT with me and discover how we can become better thinkers, together. Please consider [[Help Sponsor my Research|helping to sponsor my research.]] # Published by TfT Hacker I enjoy writing on technology and other topics from time to time. Please check some of my articles. The following is a list of topics I have covered. - [[Obsidian Articles]] - [[Obsidian Quick Tips]] - [[Artificial Intelligence (AI)]] - [[Readwise]] - [[Time Management]] - [[Napkin]] - [[Logseq]] - [[Other Topics]] # Obsidian Plugins by TfT Hacker - [[Introduction to Strange New Worlds|Strange New Worlds]] Revealing the strange new world of connected thoughts in your vault. - [[Introduction to the Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool|Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool a.k.a. BRAT]] is a plugin that makes it easier for you to assist other developers with reviewing and testing their plugins and themes. - [[Introduction to Text Transporter|Text Transporter]] Advanced text management for Obsidian. - [[Introduction to WordNet Dictionary plugin|WordNet Dictionary]] brings to Obsidian a large lexical database of English terms developed by Princeton University. - [[Introduction to Jump to Date|Jump to Date]] Quickly navigate to a Daily Notes Page using a popup calendar from the ribbon or with a form that you type in a natural language date expression. # Communicating with me I enjoy speaking with members of the TfT community as well as helping with the tools and articles I have published. Please feel free to reach out to me (publicly or DM) via one of the following places: * [Medium](https://bit.ly/o42-medium) * [Twitter @tfthacker](https://twitter.com/tfthacker) * [Mastodon: @[email protected]](https://pkm.social/@TfTHacker) * BlueSky: @tfthacker.bsky.social * Discord user: TfTHacker#9110