![[Product Info#^embed]] # Introduction to HelpMate HelpMate brings the [Obsidian Help Site](https://help.obsidian.md/Home) directly into the user experience of Obsidian in the form of a sidepane. This pane displays the help so we can learn how to use Obsidian's powerful features without having to leave Obsidian. However, HelpMate goes much further. Developers of Obsidian plugins, themes, and CSS Snippets can register their help sites, where they document the use of their tools so that they can be displayed in the HelpMate sidepane. One more thing! You can also add your sites to be viewed in HelpMate in settings. ![](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpApr5gFv5A) ## Using HelpMate HelpMate is a relatively simple plugin, and with some experimentation, you will quickly master it. After installing HelpMate, a button will appear in the ribbon for HelpMate. When you click that button, it will open HelpMate into a sidepane. Once opened, you are presented with the Obsidian Help website. You can navigate the site and search the site. HelpMate sidepane can also be opened from the command palette. Additionally, the bookmark Icon will contain links to other sites registered with HelpMate. ## Dark Mode Many of us like to use Obsidian in dark mode. However, since HelpMate is showing websites, the dark mode features of the website need to be enabled. This isn't something HelpMate can control. Thankfully, many sites, like Obsidian's help site, have a toggle at the top of the page to enable dark mode. HelpMate will try to respect the System setting for the light or dark mode, but no guarantees 🤓. # More Information - [[Settings - Configuring HelpMate]] - [[Command Palette]] - [[Code blocks - using HelpMate in files]] - [[Developers - Plugins, Themes, and CSS Snippets]] - [[HelpMate API]]