![[Product Info#^embed]] BRAT helps you to quickly install a plugin or theme currently under development. This quick guide walks through many of the common actions you will need to perform in testing a plugin or them. ## Testing Plugins ### Adding a beta plugin 1. Install BRAT from the Community Plugins in Obsidian 2. Get the link to the GitHub repository you want to test. The plugin developer can provide you with this link. > It will look something like: GitMurf/my-plugin or https://github.com/GitMurf/my-plugin 1. Open the command palette and run the command **BRAT: Add a beta plugin for testing** (If you want the plugin version to be frozen, use the command **BRAT: Add a beta plugin with frozen version based on a release tag**.) 2. Using the link from step 2, copy that into the modal that opens up 3. Click on **Add Plugin** -- wait a few seconds and BRAT will tell you what is going on 4. After BRAT confirms the installation, in Settings go to the **Community plugins ** tab. 5. Refresh the list of plugins 6. Find the beta plugin you just installed and Enable it. ### Updating beta plugins - Plugins can be updated using the command palette by running the command **Check for updates to all beta plugins and UPDATE** - Optionally, beta plugins can be configured to auto-update when starting Obsidian. This feature can be enabled in the **Obsidian42- BRAT" tab in settings. ### Stopping beta plugin updates/deleting a beta plugin - Stopping updates to a beta plugin (Step 1) - In the BRAT tab in settings, click the button with an x next to the beta plugin you want to stop updating. In place of the x button, a button will appear for you to confirm removing the beta plugin from updating - When you remove the beta plugin from BRAT, the plugin is still installed in your Obsidian vault and will receive updates in the normal way through Obsidian's "check for updates" feature. If you really want to remove the plugin, make sure to do the following step. - Deleting a beta plugin from Obsidian (Step 2: optional) - If you want to delete the plugin, you need to do one more step. Go to the Community Plugins tab in settings and find the beta plugin and uninstall it, just as you would uninstall any other plugin. - You also have to remove the reference to this beta plugin in BRAT as outlined in the previous step 1. Otherwise, BRAT will continue to update the plugin ## Testing Themes ### Grab a beta theme from a repository BRAT helps you to test themes currently under development. To use this feature: 1. Open the command palette and select the command **Grab a beta theme for testing from a GitHub repository** 2. You are then prompted for the URL path to the GitHub repository where the theme is stored BRAT will then validate that a theme exists, download it, and switch your current theme to this beta theme. ### Update a beta theme from a repository - Using the theme update command, BRAT will check for all beta themes and see if there is an update. If there is an update, it downloads the update and notifies you.