# Take Canvas drawings to a new level of creative expression! The Canvas Candy Vault is a set of tools specially designed for use with the canvas feature of Obsidian. - One-time purchase for lifetime access to all updates. With over 40+ decorations, you can add new dimensions to the cards on your canvas. You can change the following aspects of cards: ▶️ Borders - dotted, dashed, no borders, borders on specific sides ▶️ Background gradients & transparencies ▶️ Make stickers from your images ▶️ Headers, Footers, Left and right labels ▶️ Circles, parallelograms, diamonds ▶️ Rotate cards ## No plugins required! The major advantage of Canvas Candy over other Canvas solutions is that there are no dependencies on plugins. You get one CSS Snippet that will run in any vault. So, no worries about plugins that may not be supported someday, or if you are security-minded and prefer to minimize the use of plugins, Canvas Candy is a perfect fit for you. # Quick Overview of Canvas Candy Get a quick view of what this tool can do with the following short video (50 seconds): ![Canvas Candy Teaser - for Obsidian Canvas](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiYT3uGo-EA) - One-time purchase for lifetime access to all updates. [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://store.tfthacker.com/checkout/buy/6693d1df-a1a7-4069-a06f-e7dbe2bb75b2) **PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING**: This tool is designed to work with the default theme included with Obsidian. While it has been tested with many themes, not all features work as expected in other themes. For incompatibilities, you'll need to work with the theme author to tweak their themes for Canvas Candy. For more info on theme compatibility, please view the tutorial [[Canvas Candy for Obsidian/Tutorial Videos/Theme compatibility]]. # Features Breakdown ⚡ [[Borders]] ⚡ [[Cards]] ⚡ [[Headers]] ⚡ [[Stickers]] # Examples of Canvas Candy enhancing canvas drawings in Obsidian - ![[cc-sample-bpmn.png]] - [[Business Process Mapping]] - ![[cc-sample-flowchart.png]] - [[Flowcharting]] - ![[cc-sample-orgchart.png]] - [[Organization Chart]] - ![[cc-sample-structure.png]] - [[Database Object Diagram]] - ![[cc-sample-timeline.png]] - [[Timeline of Apollo Missions]] - ![[cc-sample-uml.png]] - [[UML Software Diagramming]] - ![[cc-sample-venn.png]] - [[Venn Diagram]] - ![[cc-sample-wardley.png]] - [[Wardley Map]] - ![[cc-sample-writing.png]] - [[Writing Process Mind Map]] # Tutorial Videos 📺 [[Introduction to Canvas Candy]] 📺 [[Making Stickers]] 📺 [[Foreground and background]] 📺 [[Canvas Candy for Obsidian/Tutorial Videos/Theme compatibility]] 📺 [[Style Settings Plugin]] 📺 [[Install the CSS Snippet]] 📺 [[Downloading and Setup]] >[!info] Are you a plugin or theme developer? Or do you create content about Obsidian on YouTube? >If so, please contact me for your free copy of Canvas Candy. I appreciate your hard work in helping the Obsidian community and would like to give you a little treat as an expression of gratitude. [[Welcome#Communicating with me|Information on how to contact me]] - One-time purchase for lifetime access to all updates. [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://store.tfthacker.com/checkout/buy/6693d1df-a1a7-4069-a06f-e7dbe2bb75b2) ![Obsidian Canvas Upgrade - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wczjLtcWZ6c)