# Master Cornell Note-Taking in Obsidian with this guide This vault teaches you how to use the Cornell Note-Taking System in your Obsidian vault. It includes learning material, samples, and Obsidian configuration files to enable Cornell Notes in your vault. [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://tft.lemonsqueezy.com/checkout/buy/bb038915-6598-4a7b-af2a-1b902ae014eb) ### A system for Paper and Digital Note-Taking The Cornell Note-Taking system works well both in taking handwritten notes as well as in digital note-taking. ![[cornell-paper-obsidian.png]] Cornell Notes is a time-tested and proven method for taking better notes. The benefits of Cornell Notes include: - Active learning and improved comprehension - Better memory retention and recall >[!abstract] This is a one-time lifetime purchase. You will get all future updates. See the [[CNLV Changelog|Changelog]] for updates. ### What are Cornell Notes? The Cornell Note-Taking System is a popular method for organizing and summarizing information, especially during lectures or study sessions. It was developed in the 1950s at Cornell University as a way to help students better understand and retain information. The Cornell Note-Taking System has since become widely recognized and adopted in various educational settings worldwide and is used for a wide range of note-taking needs. This vault shows you how to bring this note-taking methodology into your Obsidian vault. ### What are the components of Cornell Notes? Cornell Notes are split up into three sections: ![[cornell-three-sections.png|300]] * **Notes**: The wide right-hand column is where you can easily jot down your notes. The main ideas are often grouped, leaving some space between them. * **Cues**: The narrow left-hand column is reserved for cues or hints at the main ideas to the right. The cues are designed to help trigger your memory, assisting you in remembering and synthesizing the captured ideas. * **Summary**: At the bottom of the page, there is a concise summary of the main ideas from your notes. This section compels you to simplify your notes into a few words, making it easier to recall the main points. [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://tft.lemonsqueezy.com/checkout/buy/bb038915-6598-4a7b-af2a-1b902ae014eb) #### What is the value of Cornell Notes? ![How to take Cornell Notes in Obsidian: Full Workflow - YouTube](https://youtu.be/WkfEKI469J8) ### Bonus Features ##### Templates to make your life easier! The learning vault includes templates for making Cornell Notes, and inserting cues and summaries. Templates are not required to use this solution in your vault, but it does make Cornell Notes much quicker to use in your vault. If you choose these Templates, you will then need to install the Templater plugin. ![[Templater-MakeCN.gif|600]] ##### Tufte sidenotes Another bonus feature of this vault is an exciting but experimental solution to bring Tufte sidenotes to Obsidian. While this is not directly related to Cornell Notes, many users of this tool have asked for support for Tufte sidenotes. Learn more from this article, *"[Tufte Style Sidenotes in Obsidian.](https://medium.com/obsidian-observer/tufte-style-sidenotes-in-obsidian-89b0a785bc54)"* ## Purchase this Learning Vault This vault includes all you need to get started, along with support files to enable Cornell Note's unique look in your Obsidian Vault. It includes: - Training material for learning Cornell Notes - Style sheets to enable Obsidian to render your documents with the traditional Cornell Note cue, notes, and summary sections - Sample documents that will help you see how you can transform your notes using the Cornell Notes method >[!abstract] This is a one-time lifetime purchase. You will get all future updates. See the [[CNLV Changelog|Changelog]] for updates. The method employed in this vault requires no third-party plugins for learning about Cornell Notes or enabling the Cornell Notes styling. - It uses standard Obsidian markdown so that your documents remain "markdown future-proof". - Check out this page to learn more about how the vault supports [[Markdown Durability for CNLV|Markdown durability and Portability]]. - The learning vault includes some optional features that can enhance your experience with the use of the Templater plugin, but they are totally optional. It also works on mobile devices. [![[buy-now.png|200]]](https://tft.lemonsqueezy.com/checkout/buy/bb038915-6598-4a7b-af2a-1b902ae014eb) ![Efficient Note-Taking with Cornell Notes in Obsidian - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb_ifELEbjQ)